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“What a great place for getting away. Our lot has a wonderful mix of terrain…a Spring meadow with a dozen live oaks at the front, up a gentle slope to commanding views of Cimarron Vineyards and the Rim Rock peaks. You know you are away from the hustle and bustle of the City and you can really relax.”

-Lot Owner
Rim Rock Ranch

Maps - Rim Rock Ranch Property and Proximity Maps

Rim Rock Ranch maps

Driving Instructions

20600 Hartmann Rd., Middletown, CA. 95461

  • Follow your GPS (or Google Maps) until you get to Rt. 29 / Hartmann Rd. in Middletown. Do not follow further directions on Google Maps, as they are inaccurate, but follow the directions below
  • Turn right on Hartmann Rd. if you are heading North , left if you are heading South
  • Go to the end of Hartmann Rd. until it dead ends (approx. 2 miles from Rt. 29)
  • Rim Rock Ranch entrance is on the left, a tree-lined drive up to the gate
  • If gate is closed, call 650-269-2160 to obtain access