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Owners - Development Stories

Creating Your Rim Rock Vision

Each parcel at Rim Rock Ranch starts in the same improved state – a unique plot of land, from 12 to 29 acres, behind a secure gated entry, with a personality totally unique to the individual lot. Views from each property are extraordinary - mountain, valley, vineyard, or a mixture, depending on lot location.

All lots are ready for personal construction and enhancement, governed by CC&Rs that ensure maintaining your privacy and the unique character of Rim Rock Ranch. Your lot has everything you need to begin your dream development:

  • Mature oaks, pines, and olive trees throughout most properties
  • Roads up to your gate for safe and secure access
  • Rich soils, perfect for planting vineyards, trees, flowers, and shrubs
  • Wi-Fi access

What can you do with your Rim Rock property? How do you get it done?

Prospective Rim Rock owners are often interested in specific developments that have been done by current owners – how have they been enhanced, what kind of construction have they completed, how long has it taken, and what specific property improvements have been made or are planned? Owners have many different personal visions, and each works at a pace comfortable to them and their current lifestyle. Some are building for retirement, some for weekend use, and some for a full time residence.

Lake County offers a wide range of skilled resources to assist with your Rim Rock development projects. Whether building a rock wall, clearing a field, constructing a barn, developing and managing a vineyard, or just building your dream home, highly skilled local specialists are available to support you.

Below are examples illustrating the unique approaches current owners have taken to make their properties represent their personal visions, and how they have taken full advantage of the many unique advantages Rim Rock offers to help turn their vision into reality.

Story One - Vineyard, Pump House, Olive Grove, Honey, Entertainment Patio, Natural Stone Border Wall

This 29 acre lot was purchased in late 2009, before building had occurred on any lot at Rim Rock. Living in the Bay Area, the new owners saw the potential for a dream getaway spot. They had been looking for several years in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino without finding anything that met their specific requirements. Other properties were too rustic, untamed, remote, crowded, or just too difficult to develop.

Read their Rim Rock development story and see their vision here .......

Story Two
Check back soon for details.

Story Three
Check back soon for details.